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ATAC Grant Awards for 2018

The Richard West Assistive Technology Advocacy Center (ATAC) of Disability Rights New Jersey has announced grant awards for projects to expand access to assistive technology services and devices in New Jersey.

The following nine grants have been awarded:

Adam Krass Consulting
The AT For Veterans With Disabilities 2018 project, in partnership with Heightened Independence and Progress (hip) and the Bergen County Division of Veteran Services, seeks to provide veterans with disabilities with AT Device Demonstrations. There will be a special focus on older veterans and their AT needs related to independent living, access to community and veteran-specific resources, reading, writing, time management, communication, and activities of daily living. This project will focus on three groups of stakeholders: veterans with disabilities, their families, and their support professionals.

Advancing Opportunities
The second year of the Technology Enhanced Transition project will focus on three NJ regions by partnering with Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services offices in Camden, Somerset and Morris counties. By collaborating with the DVR staff, a set of trainings will be developed that will help each county make use of assistive technology in support of Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) outlined in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

AssistiveTek, Inc.
The AT For Independence 2018 project will focus on: building capacity for AT services related to increasing the independence of individuals with cognitive disabilities: such as developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, frail elderly and/or dementia, including innovative technology solutions.

The Center for Assistive Technology & Inclusive Education Studies (CATIES), located at The College of New Jersey
The goal of this project is to provide Assistive Technology training to expand Transition Services. CATIES will educate transition personnel, teachers, high school and college students with disabilities, and parents on how to prepare youth for transition to college and/or employment through the use of iPad technology and instruction in self-advocacy. A series of on-site trainings will be delivered to a minimum of 275 transition coordinators, teachers, teacher candidates, high school and college students with disabilities, and parents in order to expand community knowledge and a resource website will be developed to contain up to date transition related assistive technology information.

Community Access Unlimited, Inc.
This project will provide support of assistive technology (AT) device demonstration and transition training to High School students with disabilities who are transitioning to adult life. The emphasis of the training program will focus on how assistive technology can be used to increase success and opportunity in employment, vocational pursuits and post-secondary school education for independence in adult life. Services will include school-based AT learning sessions, linkage to available devices to support informed choices, training on and experience with device use, limited equipment loans where feasible/relevant and an evaluation of participants’ increased knowledge and awareness as to how AT can advance opportunities.

Community Options
Building capacity for AT services related to increasing the independence of individuals with developmental disabilities with the integration of Voiceitt – an innovative solution that enables people who have motor, speech, and language disorders to easily communicate using their own voice.

Kinsgway Learning Center
Through this project, four educational inservices will be provided which continue our work educating others on the selection and implementation of Assistive Technology devices and software to enhance the participation and independence of individuals with disabilities. The four specific technologies we would present include: Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC)--language software options; Eyegaze technology-- controlling the computer/AAC, device options and software; Switch access--computer access/mobile devices/appliances; and, Accessibility options for iPad/iPhone.

New Jersey Institute for Disabilities
Development of the iPad Communication Assistance Network, which will serve Serving children on the autism spectrum from underserved urban communities in Middlesex County, is a Lending library of iPads (with suitable communication language apps) for children(age 1 ½ -3 years) with language disorders. Bi-lingual Training for Parents/Caregivers on appropriate use of iPad. When appropriate, provide advocacy of having iPads included in IEPs (during transition from early intervention to school settings).

Ocean County College
Ocean County College’s Assistive Technology Loan & Demonstration Program assists both New Jersey student-veterans with a disability, their families, caregivers as well as non-student veterans with a disability, their families and caregivers ultimately obtain the assistive technology devices and services they need to enhance independence and productivity in the community, education and employment with an improved quality of life.

For more information about the grant awards, or the ATAC program, contact DRNJ.


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