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Staff of DRNJ

DRNJ's protection and advocacy work is accomplished with a dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced staff DRNJ is comprised of attorneys, advocates, support, and management/administrative staff. From an initial staff of seven, the agency now has a staff of thirty-seven.

DRNJ staff is diverse as to disability, race, ethnicity and urban and rural residence. Several of the staff have disabilities, including learning disabilities, deafness, a history of mental illness and Down Syndrome. In addition, at least four staff are family members of a person with a disability. Five staff are Latino, with fluency in Spanish, and eight are African-American.

Staff Listed by Years of Service

Over 15 years
Ellen Catanese, Director of Administration/Advocacy
Mary Ciccone, Managing Attorney PAIR/PAVA
Andrea Curran, Senior Staff Advocate/Intake Specialist
Marie Davis, Executive Secretary/Office Manager

Lillie Lowe-Reid, CAP Coordinator/PABSS Project Director
Denise Lugo-Fowler, Coordinator, Internal Operations/Outreach
Louan Lukens, PAIMI Coordinator
Rachel Parsio, Senior Staff Advocate
Maritza Williams, Intake Coordinator
Joe Young, Executive Director

10 - 15 years:
Yeida Castellano, Administrative Assistant
Barbara Coppens, Advocate Assistant
Norma Davis, Senior Staff Attorney
Judy Floyd, Administrative Assistant

Jill Hoegel, PADD Coordinator

Cecily Johnson, Financial Administrator
Edris McAllister, Senior Staff Advocate
Robert Robinson, Senior Staff Attorney
Susan Saidel, Legal Director

5 - 10 years
Sean Benoit, Staff
Susan Head, Senior Staff Advocate/PATBI Coordinator
Iraisa Orihuela-Reilly, Senior Staff Attorney
Tara Wilson, Legal Administrative Assistant

Under 5 years
Michael Brower, Staff Attorney
Nicole Fowler, Staff Advocate
Rebecca Kasen, Staff Advocate
Jane Marcus, Senior Staff Attorney
Mike Marotta, ATAC Program Director

Christopher Miller, Chris Keener Fellow
Irving Paul, Staff Advocate
August Pozgay, Staff Attorney
Nia Stewart, Fiscal Assistant
Omayra Villanueva, Receptionist

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New Jersey's designated protection and advocacy system for people with disabilities

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Legal Disclaimer

DRNJ is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides services to all persons with disabilities regardless of race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, marital status, familial status, sex, sexual or affectional orientation, ancestry or disability. Any concerns regarding the agency’s compliance with these non-discrimination efforts may be brought to the attention of the Executive Director.

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